Bubblegum Screw - St Valentines Day Massacre

Staggering out of the ashes of UK trash band Dead Famous in a pair of second-hand Chelsea boots, collecting multi-cultural band members like they were baseball cards, Bubblegum Screw shoot jealousy rays in the direction of vintage New York City where the kohl-heavy eyed denizens of punk rock 'n' roll swapped spit with the hookers, hustlers, pimps and their johns, in the hope that someday a real rain was gonna come and wash all that attitude right into their band......

........and, y'know what? They kinda pull it off. If you hurriedly push past the all too familiar title of this four track EP, opener "Love Is Inspiration" quickly ticks all the boxes on the scuzz rock checklist and things start to go down quicker than a corpse in the Hudson River. "Feel The Pain" should fill any Soho Roses-sized gap in your music collection (but none of you cool kids have that gap, right?!) and the influence of Paul Blittz' much-adored under achievers is evident again on "Practice What You Preach", a tune very much enhanced by some cool female backing vocals and the stand out track on this EP. Closer "Rock 'N' Roll Loser" is, I guess, the band's signature tune and, with Mark Thorn's vocals containing more than a little Michael Monroe DNA, ends the EP with the kinda sneer that we all want in our rock 'n' roll.

I have to abide by chapter 666 of the R'N'R code, whereby I will not give a bad review to any band who namecheck New York Dolls, Ramones, Joan Jett, Dead Boys, The Heartbreakers, The Stooges and Hanoi Rocks - I ain't gonna start now. I just feel that the band need a '4 Real' moment to push them further.

by Gaz E.

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