B.S. Romeo - Promo CD

So Canada's DIK TRICKLE is gone.  In it's place, Guitarist/ Vocalist Kelly Fairchild got together with Bassist/Vocalist Rawn Nazty and formed B.S. ROMEO.  The result is pretty cool, but this promo-only CD I've got doesn't do their live show justice.  The five songs are all very cool (first track Rock Atomic is especially catchy - you'll be trying to scrape the hook off your brain for weeks to come...) but the recording is sort of bland. All things being equal, I think I prefer this to Dik Trickle but this material really deserves a strong frontman (Just because KISS could have two lead singers doesn't mean everyone can.). You'll bave to bug them pretty severely, but I recommend getting your hands on this. 

Send all harrassing enquiries to :
3-173 Osborne Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3L 1Z2

- Adolf

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