Brunorock - War Maniacs

"War Maniacs" is the new album from hard rock/AOR band Brunorock. Formed in Italy in the early nineties, the band has gained quite a reputation for writing strong melodic rock and tender ballads in a style that is reminiscent to Winger with a hint of AC/DC, who is claimed to have been an influence on the band. One thing that is very special about this band is that they can write such tight songs that sound as if they came straight out of the eighties. Just listen to the song "Liar" and it will be obvious this band has stayed very true to its roots.

The band is led by the very capable vocalist Bruno Kraler. With his soaring vocals that seem to change to fit each song, it's no surprise this band has gathered a fan base that have followed them for the last fifteen years. The band is rounded out with an all-star cast of musicians that feature ex members of Lancia, Donna Summer Band, and Bonfire just to name a few.

The song writing for this album is quite good as well. "Julia" is a hard rocker with a sing-a-long chorus and "Painless Skies" is a ballad with some of the best AOR sound available on the market today. The band also does a very good cover of AC/DC's "Touch Too Much," staying very close to the original. Vocalist Kraler even does a superb job of singing the song in the same vein as Bon Scott making it a very nice addition to the album.

If you are unfamiliar with this band, I recommend giving this album a listen. This is a band that shows that the hard rock sound of the eighties is anything but gone and gives its listeners what they want, strong melodic rock.


by Patrick White

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