Bristol - The Punk Explosion

What we have here is some amazing old school punk resurfacing on the delightful BRISTOL - THE PUNK EXPLOSION compilation. A great mix of punk bands and some amazing songs that show that you don't have to write a song longer than a couple of minutes for it to be good. There are some great bands on here, kicking off with The Cortinas, Vice Squad of course should need no introduction and the Chaotic Dischord track Who Killed E.T.? (I Killed The Fucker) has to be a classic on title alone. The final track is from the mighty Onslaught from back when they were an angsty Discharge style punk band before they became thrash legends and adopted a more metal style.

If you like straight down the link punk rock then you can't go far wrong with this fantastic collection.

Standout tracks:
National Front
Stop The Fussing And The Fighting
Who Killed E.T.? (I Killed The Fucker!)
Thermo Nuclear Devastation Of The Planet Earth

RATING: 8/10

by K.T. Glitz

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