Brian Eno - 77 Million Paintings by... (Advance Interview DVD)

"Brian Eno's" musical legacy is the stuff of legends. So when I opened my latest review bundle from Spice to find an "Eno" DVD I was initially very excited.

What was he up to these days I wondered? Ambient/Trance? Glam/Pop? No there is no sign of "Robert Fripp", no "Bryan Ferry", not even a second rate "Bono" within a million miles.

Nah, what I got to review was a piece of… get this… "Generative Software".

Spice had definitely played her trump card on the never given a bad review new guy. Yeah, this is the same reviewer who on a trip to the Tate modern found the only thing remotely interesting to be a video of a bloke "bollock" naked punching himself in the face with a big boxing glove. Well, at least I could see the irony of the pompous pricks stood around looking at it all subjectively.

Anyway, back to the task at hand. Imagine your PC or TV screen is not telling you a story but is in fact a painting. Nah, make that 77 million paintings morphing via this generative software moving slowly and seductively like one of "Eno's" finest art installations, and chances are you will never see the same image again. Have I sold you one yet?

Well in the process of this informative 30 minute Interview DVD even "Mr Eno" himself struggles to sell this concept, other than to instil his vision that he can bring his wonderful art installations to every one of our screens deadtime by enabling the art of a PC screen to move from static to slow changing light paintings.
"Hello Mr Eno??" have you seen the "Rammstein-esque" like nativity lightshows all around the country right now??? And your target market is exactly who???

Needless to say this is a Limited Edition release for that read "For people with too much money and self importance".

Amongst all of this art however I have to say the ambient music that accompanies this DVD is top notch, and up there with "Eno's" very own "Music for Airports".

Shame, I'm such a fucking philistine, but simple fact is, this self-proclaimed "visual music" just don't float my rock n roll boat.

Now where's my copy of "Neurotic Outsiders" debut CD I need to cleanse myself of these intelligent thoughts... Altogether now "You, you saved my Soul, you made me hard and put me in your hole". Now that my friends, IS modern day poetry.

by Johnny H.

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