Bret Michaels - Rock My World

Bret's king of VH1 reality world at the moment (this CD is actually a soundtrack for Rock of Love)... he's achieved the unachievable fame again... but fame in the noughties comes with setbacks, the media are more interested in personal life rather than the music, as they are with all TV celebrities, he's a glam Ozzy Osbourne now, however, Bret's a smart cookie and will turn it to his advantage, I'm sure.

I haven't spoken to Bret since 1998, but I've had an insight closer to him than ever before... I've gotten to hear all the juicy gossip from people close to him... I'd like to do an interview and try to avoid the obvious that's gone before.

With the aforementioned TV show in mind, these tracks mostly released on his previous solo efforts have been given a new lease of life... "Go for That" is the theme tune to 'Rock of Love' (no Dennis waterman jokes). This is the best song he's done outside of Poison in my opinion, very auto biographical… snarlin' vocals with the Elvis Bret trademark (bout time you covered one of the kings tunes) "Rubber-necking's", got Bret's name onnit, "Raine" previously released is a great ballad, big up to my buds the Calabros on this, I do believe the video for this song has backfired on him, saying that, a great memento for his kid.

"Songs of Life" rattled my Sony Ericson k800i when I had it on loop, I thought it was some CC De Ville Song from when he died his hair blue and was hangin out with Babydolls. Bret's teaming up with Calabro Bros (American Anthem) was a marriage made in heaven, his best stuff was with them, great down tuned guitars, a pink haired blue glam anthem. "Fallen" is a great ballad featured heavily in "ROL", unreleased and the best thing since "Every Rose", "Open Road" is very countryfied… infectious yes but not my bag at all. Someone told me Bret auditioned for a country rock band... Nooooo! "Bittersweet" sees Bret's punky glam overtones and gets things back on the right track. "Start Again" the 3rd unreleased track enters on to Bon Jovi/Springsteen territory. Bret's less boring and much more personality; when you meet the guy; it's the secret to his popularity. My fave song is "Strange Sensation" from "Songs of Life" glitter punk anthem (very 2000's L.A. glam influenced) and has a great sound... ya need to re-unite with the Calabros bro. "Driven" from "Freedom of Sound" like the aforementioned "Open Road" is not my thing, in fact I've never even heard this CD, Closing on a more Bret in his comfort zone style is "Its My Party", the lyrics pretty much resembling Bret's life!

Does Bret need Poison anymore? Yes! A new Poison CD on Capital Records with a big name producer would bring back this type of music to the Billboard charts big time; in the meantime however, grab this to fill in the gap!

by Kelv Hellrazer

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