Boydotcom - Independent and Live In Leipzig

Question: When shouldn't a four-song release be considered to be an EP? Answer: When it's coupled with four awesome live tracks. That's the thought process that I considered with Boydotcom's Independent and Live in Leipzig.

Justifying its name, the album's new songs are of a rougher quality than those on 2002's Fuck the World. Pared to a trio, the band moves further away from the sound cultivated in leader Frankeee's previous band and glam legends, Hollywood Teasze (all bubblegum is cast aside). The result is an album that demands more of the listener. Songs like 311 Boys (no idea what relationship these guys have with my fellow Nebraskans) and Big Brother Blues are of a more vicious nature than anything on the 2002 EP. It takes several spins to get into this one. The reward achieved is well worth the journey once the melodies start to rise to the surface. They're there; it just takes a little digging.

The live tracks continue with the raw approach. The band pulls three songs from their previous release (including, thank God, a turned in the right direction version of Pretty Vacant….love to see them perform the album version of that one live) and, verifying Frankeee's not forgetting his roots, a spot on tear through Lies (one of my personal faves from the HT catalog).

If you loved and expect to hear Hollywood Teasze with Independent and Live in Leipzig, this one might take a bit to get into. Perhaps you should pick up the 2002 release and progress from there. For those already into the band or enjoying acts like American Heartbreak, this one will appeal to you. Hopefully the next time we hear from these guys, they'll have a full length release. Until then, isn't it time you felt Independent?

by Lycan Davis

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