Boydotcom - Fuck the World

Those who miss Hollywood Teasze and the Voodoo Lovecats would do well to pick up "Fuck the World", the debut; 6 song EP by Boydotcom (featuring Frankee of HT and Rick Ruin and Eman of VL). The band plays tight glam/punk with sharp hooks and cool melodies that recalls the Hollywood Teasze "No Flakes" era.

The first four songs on the disc (Frankee's contribution to the effort) are the strongest, boasting a tight production and sharp song writing skill. The fifth song, "T.N.A.C.A.V." (a backwards recorded cover of the Sex Pistol's "Pretty Vacant") is one of the most painful songs I've ever listened to. Depending on your tastes, you might want to give it a listen or two and then skip it upon repeated listens. Just a warning. The disc closes out with a cover of the old Lovecat's song "Killed Her in St. Kilda", featuring Ruin on vocals. It's a great song but the production is below average when held up against the first four cuts. "

Fuck the World" is a great continuation of the growing glam legacy that is Frankeee and is available through at the low price of $3.50. Hey, shipping on this thing outside of Australia ($4.95) is more than the disc itself, so in other words, this is a great deal, and remember, for an additional dollar, you can get two autographed pictures of the band. Bottom line, "Fuck the World" is a great disc and well worth every cent you pay for it.

by Lycan Davis

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