Boozed - Seizin the Day

First thing that stands out about Seizin The Day is the quality production. This cd has the big full sound missing from a lot of today's contemporaries. Boozed have that 80's hard rock on the southern edge sound reminiscent of bands like Dangerous Toys and Junkyard. Tracks like You Gotta Go, which kicks off the cd, Goodbye and Real Bad Mood have mainstream hit potential with their killer riffs and sing along choruses. The one downside to Boozed is the heavy accent from front man Mat, other than that, Seizin The Day is a top shelf cd surely to be loved by rock n roll fans worldwide. The musicianship is as good as it gets, the song writing is solid and it's full of energy. Can't ask for much more than that.

Do yourself a favor and check out Boozed, you won't be disappointed.

by Mister E.

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