Bloodpit - Mental Circus

Finnish Bloodpit's accompanying press release claims that: 'the only possibility [to be a rock-star] is to be born one.' Are some folks predisposed to be rock-stars? Is the eventual OD'ing on egoism, heroin and vodka an innate trait? A celestial predetermination? Bollox, it is. Older siblings' hand-me-downs (records, clothes, attitudes, etc.) normally have something to do with it. As does, hard graft, a Nietzschean will to power, a never-say-die ethos, decent songs, productive management, media savvy distribution/PR, several strokes of luck, originality, financial investment, and last, but not least, a marketable name. The moniker 'Bloodpit' isn't the greatest of starts.

Opener 'Bad Echo' lays its melodic-but hey!-we're-still-heavy cards firmly on the table. It does, indeed, aspire to be something nations will consider grandiose. Its Stabbing Westward-esque guitar riffs competently undulate; choruses soars; the verses delicate dissolve into melodic melancholy , and everyone leaves happy.

'In A Furnace' unfolds (lyrically, musically) in HIM-style fashion before infrequently unleashing a few bars of the heavy stuff. Ditto, the following track, 'Platitude'. In fact, Bloodpit, to some, may be a bit too close to HIM for comfort? Their lugubrious sensibilities and penitent lyrics are worryingly close to its influences at times.

Bloodpit find their feet with their single-esque 'Out To Find You'. A stompy run-through of 4/4-driven anthemic punkiness. Following tune, 'One More Time', maintains the pressure. The band have finally woken up. Viva! Things unwind in typically varipaced, esoteric fashion: semi-acoustic one second, respectably melodic-but hey!-we're-still-heavy fashion the next.

Bloodpit wrap up things with the ethereal (and as portentous as it sounds) 'February Day's Drought.' An commendably orchestrated track, but one which leaves the listener puzzling about the overall pacing of the CD.

by Deviant D.

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