Blake - Planetizer

Holy shit! Why have I not heard of this band before? 'Planetizer' is the third album from Finnish rockers Blake - and what a great album it is. The band take their inspiration from Black Sabbath's 70's style riff tradition bringing it kicking and screaming into the now. Think Dirty Americans but with an entire album of great songs.

The album kicks off in great style with opener 'Two Ways', a great stomping riff giving way to some strong vocals. Vocalist Aaro Seppovarra has a very distinctive voice that fits their style of music perfectly. Third track, 'Come Down' opens with a riff that's reminiscent of the Ratt classic 'You're In Love', but that's where the similarities between the bands end. Next up is the slow heavy groove of '12 Steps To Hell' before the pace lets up momentarily on 'Reborn', a slower more relaxed tune that shows more versatility to their writing. The strength of Aaro's voice really shows on this song. Whereas there's a slight growl to his voice for most of the album 'Reborn' has him singing in a much softer style. This guy can really sing and shows he can handle the quieter tunes as well as the heavier stuff. The album kicks straight back in again with 'Reaching' and doesn't let up again until the final track, 'Bad Luck Ladder'.

This whole album sounds HUGE, it begs you to listen with the volume turned up loud. Any fan of classic 70's riffing will love this album. There is such a live feel to the production; I would love to see how these songs translate onto the live stage. Big choruses that invite you to sing along and they're not afraid of throwing in a great guitar solo that'll have the air guitarists amongst us widdling away.

Some good worldwide promotion would make these guys a massive success, they just need to find a way to break out of Finland and take this to the masses everywhere. The Scandinavian countries are producing the most exciting bands around at the moment and this is another band to add to the already long list.

by Adrenaline Junkie

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