Blackmarket - The Elephant In the Room

This reviewing lark can be something of a lottery. Every release by a band that survived under my radar that appears in my inbox or through my studded letterbox is met with a first date mixture of anxiety and excitement. Sometimes, making it through an entire album is like pulling teeth. On occasion though, something stands out more than Neil Murray did when he joined Vow Wow. 'The Elephant In The Room' by Blackmarket is, thankfully, one of those diamonds in a sea of blah blah blah.........

The Lake Havasu, Arizona based quartet recruited Sean Slade (Hole, Radiohead, Dinosaur Jr) and Matthew Ellard (Weezer, Morphine, Elliot Smith) to produce this, their full length debut, and the results border on sensational. The album is a truth bomb full of melancholy and exploding with melody. There isn't a bad song on it. There isn't really an average song on it. If you were to embrace this album as a soundtrack to your life, then you'd feel pretty friggin' good every single day.

Album opener 'Magic Tricks' comes on like criminally underheard UK outfit Baby Chaos and is a perfect marriage of angst and accessibility. Who has the balls these days to call a song 'Sheila', give it a massive chorus that belongs in the Eighties and still make it sound essential? 'An Alibi Can't Give Me A Place To Go' is the first track where a Something Corporate comparison becomes apparent. This, for me, is a good thing. The acoustic 'White Lie', 'Permanent You', 'CTRL ALT DEL' - hell, it's tough to pull out just a few tracks to recommend.

Blackmarket recently spent a couple of weeks on tour with The Subways here in dear ol' Blighty - here's hoping we get a chance to see them again soon. 'The Elephant In The Room' is a stunning debut and it gave the lower reaches of my top ten albums of 2008 a late scare. Highly recommended.

by Gaz E.

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