Blackie Wilcox - Such a Shame

The tile says it all, Such A Shame! I don't like doing bad reviews but unfortunately this one has to be done.

Blackie Wilcox doesn't have a really strong voice so the lyrics (which aren't too bad) get totally lost with his poor delivery. The music is OK but doesn't really do justice to the lyrics either I guess.

"Such A Shame" has some cracking lyrics but the music and melody don't really fit with what it is trying to convey.

"Don't Wanna Lose You" is quite roll with a very uninspiring riff and chorus. "Glamorous Life" is an improvement, the music and lyrics are quite good but unfortunately Blackie's voice lets the whole thing down again as this could be a very LA Guns/Pretty Boy Floyd style song with the right singer. "Lookout" is another song with a kind of LA Guns musical vibe with awful vocals. "Wasted Time" has an awesome riff and the music is really well written but unfortunately it is let down once again by bad vocals (that almost sound out of tune at times). This song really could have been fantastic, almost bordering on potential radio hit.

Musically OK, with flashes of inspiration but unfortunately Blackie Wilcox does not have the voice to carry this off. Sorry dude.........

by K.T. Glitz

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