Black Eyed Betty - Take It All

Track listing:
01 - Made
02 - What You Know
03 - A Million Pieces
04 - Gone
05 - Take It All
06 - Keep My Heart
07 - Slipped Away
08 - Refuse To Drown
09 - Get Over You
10 - Move On
11 - Stick Around

BLACK EYED BETTY want to TAKE IT ALL with their self released debut.

Female fronted punk n roll is Black Eyed Betty's game with a little bit of grungey rock thrown in for good measure.
The songs are short and brash and full of attitude. Amee BellWanzo delivers strong vocals and occasionally come across like a hyper Chrissie Hynde meets Patricia Day of Horrorpops. There are plenty of dynamics across the songs so they aren't a one trick punk pony. Some nifty guitar work is present throught with some atmospheric picking and groovy riffs.

TAKE IT ALL is an impressive debut and gives BLACK EYED BETTY plenty of room to maneuvour and evolve

Standout tracks:
Take It All
Slipped Away
Refuse To Drown

by K.T.Glitz

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