Bitchfire - Bitchfire

First impression of the cover… was another Female fronted rock band - Ala Hydrogyn - After listening to the CD - I'm glad to say I wasn't that far off… Yes, they do have a woman singing and the rest of the band is nothing to look at, however the music on offer here is of a very high calibre.

Bitchfire remind me musically & vocally of Phantom Blue/Meldrum… So well up my street. Fronted by Sharyn Peach. Who on the cover looks like a cross between Pink & Sheri Moon Zombie. The band has a set of pipes, which will instantly grab people's attention. The licks coming from Donny Sutton-Brown fingers are paint stripping. The Rhythm section of Eddie D. & Robbie Plast need a mention as the sound they create together is immense.

The opening duo that is 'Headline' & 'Fly High' is fantastic. This is a band I would love to see live as I feel that the songs would take on another life in a live setting.

The production is in the premier league, admittedly the quality of songs tend to drift off around three quarters in, but the first half of the album is great. The lyrics are pretty standard but the power of the music is their calling card.

Stand out tracks - 'Headline', 'Fly High' & 'Bitchfire'.

This is a band I will keep an eye on, as ones to watch…

by Dave Prince

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