Billy Talent - S/T

This Four piece hail from Canada and have recently won two awards in their home country, one for 'best band of the year' and the other for 'best album', so I was expecting Talent, but of what sort I was unsure.

They are keeping the gone but not forgotten band 'At The Drive in' alive and kicking with this tribute in a non tribute format, which comes as no surprise after finding out they supported three ex-members in newish venture 'Sparta'. The album consists of twelve original songs written about observational and personal points of view on life, people and surroundings. Musically its punky and chunky with stop-start breaks, which keeps the listener enthralled with the evident mass of potential this band have. A great blend of heavy drums and guitars, infused with short catchy pop punk hooks, Yappy vocals over harmonious melodic vocals, without overdoing it.

A few of the tracks on this album remind me of a fresher Green Day, which could be due to the singers nasel accent. I find Green Day have gone stale over the years and this is maybe the route they should have taken instead of the commercial rubbish they choose to do. Overall, this album proves that you can still take influences from the 'Greats' of our time, taking it for your own and without a hint of plagiarism

by Meka Scales

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