Big Mama Scandal - By You

Big Mama Scandal is one of the most famous rock bands in Bulgaria! Thus spake the opening line of their biography. I am not sure that I could name one other band from Bulgaria. It seems these guys have been the darlings of Bulgarian media having been the attention of Bulgarian National Television, the press and radio stations not to mention an impressive set of awards since they formed in 1991.

I had no idea what to expect from this release but I was delighted with what I heard. Big Mama Scandal serve up a good helping of melodic stadium rock with some great riffs and catchy melodies. Don't be put off with the image, as these guys sure know how to rock.

There are so many well-crafted songs on this CD that it is really hard to single any out, most of them would make great singles. It is rare to listen to an album these days where you aren't drawing comparisons with similar artists but there is a refreshing originality about Big Mama Scandal.

Standout tracks:
Come With Me
My Love Is For You
I'll Take You

by K.T. Glitz

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