Ben Forrest Davis - Roughs

Leaving his roots as drummer in US pop punk band 'Sugarcult', Ben Forrest Davies emerges with this offering, 'Roughs'. Fresher, brighter and with a more mature songwriting style which will rival any rising starlet. With an altogether more acoustic feel to the album including beautiful guitar scrawlings and hypnotic vocals, luring any listener with the Davies charm. Still I notice with the odd reminiscent sound of Sugarcults trademark young love and teenage angst, but altogether Davies gives new life to the genre conveying the songs with more maturity and experience.

Whilst most of the tracks are incredibly simple with little accompaniment Davies still creates something beautiful with so little. Comparisons to the likes of Ryan Adams and Bright Eyes are inevitable but with a little more touch of pop. Ben manages to perform soft acoustic tracks parallel to more pop riffs that allows him to appeal to a large range of audience, pleasing many I'm sure.

With a new direction and big solo career looming, Ben Forrest Davies looks set to impress as this debut showcases what he is capable of. A little more noise may have been wanted by many but this is just not what Davies is about anymore. For the one-track harder rockers among you this instalment could turn out to be a bore. SHAME ON YOU. You are missing out.

by Lauren May

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