Begging4Beaver - Undressed Rehearsals

It wasn't the bandname that raised eyebrows at Glitzine HQ, but the music. Were the four tracks sent in last year for review by Begging4Beaver mainman Chappy too noisy for inclusion on the glitter punk pop virtual pages of Glitzine? I liked the songs and was happy to cover them - happier to give the awful bandname a panning. But, as I would have hoped from true architects of anarchy, the name remains. The title 'Undressed Rehearsals' remains too, but this time the four tracks have been swollen into a full-length, ten track noise-a-thon.

The four songs from the previous review are all included again, with first track 'Nothing Wrong' remaining a huge dirty bomb of a song. The album is a fucked up fusion of thrash metal, punk and industrial rock. Yes, the recording is unashamedly DIY, but there's more than enough good shit here to smear over the cracks. The White Zombie / Scum Of The Earth influence hangs heavy over songs like 'Menace' and 'Beat On The Dead'. The down-tuned riffage of Crank-era The Almighty springs to mind on tracks like 'Never Say Never'. There's even room for a bonus track - a noisy take on The Gossip's 'Standing In The Way Of Control'. The video for lead track 'Nothing Wrong' rounds out the package.

Yes, the name is still shit and could result in Chappy remaining the angry outsider looking in on lesser bands garnering more success. This shouldn't, however, stop you from checking this raw yet cool band out. Recommended.

by Gaz E.

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