Begging4Beaver - Undressed Rehearsals

What's in a band name, eh? The top-heavy titillation of classic movie maker Russ Meyer gave us Motorpsycho, Mudhoney and, of course, Faster Pussycat. The lyrics of a certain Mr James Osterberg in seminal song 'Search And Destroy' gave us The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs. Stiff Little Fingers took their name from a song by The Vibrators. Inspiration is everywhere. Begging4Beaver, I am led to believe, took their name from the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Seriously though, Begging4Beaver is a fucking atrocious band name. Remember back in the eighties when a gang of idiots would get together in a bedroom and noisily record in-jokes fobbed off as songs and pass them around to their mates on battered C-90 cassettes? They would have been called something like Begging4Beaver and, essentially, this appears to be veering dangerously close to that territory, except that the mates and cassettes have been replaced by MySpace friends and music player. Whilst former Liquid Head member Ian Chapman did, in fact, record all four songs (except vocals) in a bedroom, that is where all similarities should end. There appears to be an undercurrent of raw talent here that could lie undiscovered if he perseveres with a moniker that will act like a virtual dam.

With a riff uglier than that kid who took a shotgun to his face after listening to Judas Priest, opener 'Nothing Wrong' is a gutter-dirty corpse of a song that sounds like former Rob Zombie guitarist Riggs' identikit off-shoot Scum Of The Earth. 'Standing Still' is an industrial/thrash metal mash up with a middle section that hints at Casey Chaos and Amen. 'Untouchable' mixes a more sombre, almost Sisters Of Mercy style tone with a pure Hanoi Rocks vocal melody before curiously providing the disc with its most commercial chorus. Final track 'Dirtbomb' is a fast, chugging affair which, bizarrely, reminds me of Wrathchild.

There is a rawness here that could be - polished is the wrong word - honed into some kind of deadlier beast. Remember when the (sadly now deceased) former Tobruk singer Snake was ousted from The Wildhearts and Ginger took it upon himself to handle vocal duties when he was, perhaps, never fully at ease with that concept? Chappy's vocals here are reminiscent of that time but there is enough bile and belligerence on offer to show that a short space of time and a hefty dose of confidence will prove to be close allies. Given the conditions that 'Undressed Rehearsals' was recorded under - several dodgy drum moments aside - there is a chance that, when the band name that sucks more than Chloe Sevigny in The Brown Bunny is dropped, there could be some mileage in this project.

by Gaz E.

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