Beautiful Creatures - Deuce

Second album for our Beautiful rockers! I was thinking that the first album would be the last, like an ephemeral side project for Bang Tango singer Joe Leste. Fortunately, the band is back with a new bomb "Deuce"!

The Creatures play big rock hard with balls! In each song you have a raw energy, powerful guitars, trenchant vocals, emotion and feeling, especially at the end of the CD with brilliant slow songs. Just listen to "Still miss you" or "Starr cross" and you'll understand what I mean.

The biggest part of the CD reminds me of the newer bands like Brides Of Destruction or Velvet Revolver with big production, professionalism, attitude and expertise. It sounds really rock and really modern too. Imagine a band like Buckcherry with a Prong touch musically and an Alice In Chains feeling in some vocals and slow parts! A real kick ass band who can please all generations of rockers!

by Stuffy (High School Motherfuckers)

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