Beautiful Creatures - S/T

Groove laden, crunchy hooks saturate this promising self-titled CD. "1 a.m." Launches the disc with vigor and an attitude that commands attention. I have to admit that Joe Leste's distinctive vocal quality places this CD in a class of it's own. "Wasted" and "Step Back" offer two uniquely separate tracks…. every ounce worthy of carrying their own weight. The guitar work is graceful and entrancing at the same time, rounded out by bass and drums that scream listen to me! Beautiful Creatures are a slick unit that prove they can offer rock solid tunes and show their softer side with the gently captivating tracks "Wish" and "Time and Time Again". Other note worthy songs include "Kick Out", "Goin Off," and my favorite, the very upbeat and infectious "New Orleans." All in all, this CD is certainly worth the purchase, I am just bummed the band are label-less as of this writing. I thank my lucky stars I live in L.A., which allows me the opportunity to see these guys in action, but for those who aren't as lucky, nab up a copy for your collection. It's sure to provide some toe tappin enjoyment!

by Noele Shannon

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