BB Steal - Resurrection

Fifteen years ago Australian melodic hard rockers BB Steal lay claim to the title of the best in the genre from down-under. Their debut album 'On the Edge' was unfortunately, also their last… until now. Returning in 2006 with a more mature and modern sound, BB Steal have dished up a new 11 track offering, aptly titled "Resurrection".

These days it is impossible to mention BB Steal without the Def Leppard comparisons being bandied about. Whether this is a desirable comparison or not is a point many would argue. To settle the argument, this time around the Leppard-like vocal harmonies have been dropped, whilst overall, the package as a whole still retains that signature BB Steal sound.

The album bursts to life with the suitably titled 'Waiting For You', complete with an introduction conjuring images of a new dawn - a perfect introduction for BB Steal to the modern rock era. 'Connection', a top rock song manages to combine the feeling of 90's melodic rock with modern day contemporaries such as Creed or Nickelback. The raw… almost strained vocals are a definite highlight as there seems to be a definite attempt to bridge the original BB Steal style with today's modern rock.

Following a series of rock tracks, the acoustic gem 'Made Up Your Mind' slows the tempo with a track Def Leppard could only hope to write nowadays. Definitely one of the standout tracks on the album. The power-ballad 'Wild Flower', a track of mystery, insecurity and unforeseen beauty is another highlight, complete with an amazing orchestral-sounding string section.

Whilst the ballads on the album are top-notch, the rock tracks seem to struggle to break loose. The tracks are not bad, infact each track stands strong when listened to individually, however, in sequence a spark of individuality seems to be missing. Tracks such as 'If I' slowly build to a point where I just expect them to raise to another level during the chorus, but they seem to stick to an almost restrained tempo. Similarly 'Deliver Us' opens brilliantly leaving me to expect something like Bon Jovi's 'Something To Believe In', however soon after the minute-mark the track seems to change back to a sound similar to those that come before it. Give me some grunt, some emotion, some spark… I just need something more to grab a-hold of!

The album as a whole is a great return for the band who have been missing in action for so long. A slightly heavier mix and a more up-tempo/aggressive attitude in a few of the tracks would do wonders for the album. I'm sure fans of 'On the Edge' will find appeal in this, but using a Def Leppard comparison is like comparing 'Adrenalize' to 'X'.

This is definitely one of those albums that benefits greatly from being played LOUD! I don't know what it is... maybe it's the power, but when I crank it up, it takes the album to a completely new level… so if you get the opportunity to give this one a spin, make sure you do it so the neighbors can hear.

by Lindsay B.

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