Bastet - Spurtin' Joy Wherever We Go

The Italian version of Faster Pussycat meets Hanoi Rocks. These guys the self proclaimed 'Cock Rock Divas' belt out some gritty rock that would make Taime Downe crank up the speakers at the Cathouse and invite these guys to jam on stage.

Bastet and the rest of the Lipstick Army, are proud of their influences and don't hide the fact, I wish more bands in the States could be like these guys. They produced some great music and nowadays bands are ashamed of their influences but not these guys.

Keep the Cock Rocking Spirit alive with Bastet, don't be ashamed of being a member of the Lipstick Army and keep listening to some good rocking tunes like these guys and the world would be a better place.

by Bay Breez

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