The Barbarellatones - The Devil's Dildo

Familiarity breeds contempt, eh? Then how come I find myself more than satisfied by The Devil's Dildo even though I have reviewed another Barbarellatones album and interviewed Robbie Quine in the past seven months?

Again produced by former Screamer and synthpunk legend Paul Roessler, 'The Devil's Dildo' may just be the finest hour of The Barbarellatones to date. It certainly sounds finer than any of their previous output. Yes, it's more of the same - another Edgar Allan Poze of an album that is both lush and lowlife in the same heavy breath - but it sounds bigger and the results are bolder. This is a debauched fuck-hut of a record.

Album opener and title track 'The Devil's Dildo' is yet more proof - as if it were needed - that Quine is blessed in the art of kitsch yet killer lyric writing. Coupling "rammed" with "pentagram" may seem obvious now but, in the confines of this possessed poetry, is just one of a hundred examples of Quine speaking in cool and comedic tongues that others can only dream about. When he shouts "cowabunga" on 'Surfing In India' it should sound stupid. It doesn't. The songs here appear to be a step up from previous efforts too - from 'Angel In My Pocket' to the epic 'R.I.P. Mother Earth'. Fear not though, there's still plenty of the expected exercises in ridiculousness that you'd hope for on any Barbarellatones release - 'Take It Like A Man' is a country and western tune that is suitably ludicrous. Final song 'Bottoming Out' is a not-so-subtle classic that manages to somehow fit my favourite toe ailment - gout - into the splendidly silly lyrics. Did I say final song? I mustn't forget the bonus track - Barbarellatones classic 'Nina Hagen' but this time featuring crazy guest vocals from the cult German icon herself.

Yet another über-entertaining opus from a band that never fails to tickle my fancy.

by Gaz E.

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