The Barbarellatones - Temple of Shiva

Unconfirmed reports of an unidentified flying object full of androgynous alien beings crash landing into the world's coolest record store appear to be true.....

The Barbarellatones have made Malibu, California their home and are fronted by Robbie Quine, a trashy icon who previously fronted the band Sex With Lurch. One of the Barbarellatones songs - 'The Fire Of Love' - was licensed for use in an episode on the sixth season of The Sopranos. They have a song called 'Interview With A Glampire' - smart.

'Temple of Shiva' was produced by Paul Roessler, former member of LA synthpunk pioneers The Screamers, and Nina Hagen collaborator. In fact, Hagen gets a song named after her on this very album which, like the majority of the songs, features classic kitsch lyrics that are equal parts crazy cool and laugh out loud funny. The record is like Charles Manson and The Beach Boys guest starring on H.R. Pufnstuf filmed on the set of Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls. It is like having Strawberry Alarm Clock personally stir you from your slumber for a string of psychotronic hermaphrodite gang bangs. This is a record so self-indulgent and self-absorbed that it borders on the brilliant. But, there'll be no half measures - this will be either adored or abhored. Love and Haight-Ashbury.

Slightly reminiscent of a patchwork pocket of 90's alternative outfits who mated the surfin' bird with dark 60's pop, this is not an easy album (or band) to pigeonhole - but, ain't that just the coolest thing? 'Damn This Illusion' has a Bowie-esque vibe, 'I.B.T.C.' - itty bitty titty committee! - hints at a love of T. Rex, the rest is an explosion of dark glam surfin' retro freak chic! A big bowl of bizarre that listeners will maybe dip into rather than devour.

by Gaz E.

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