The Barbarellatones - Interview With a Glampire

With Halloween upon us, it seemed rather fitting that I should start writing the review for this, the all-new Barbarellatones CD on "All-Hallows-Eve".

Yet again, "Robbie Quine" the driving force behind the wonderfully named "Barbarellatones", the self-confessed Bowie for the X Generation, comes up trumps with this his second offering in 2006 of horror/B-movie inspired "Gothabilly".

Firstly however, a small pointless word of warning for those who bought "Invasion of The Surf Zombies" off the strength of any review read on Glitzine ( A bit like the one before "Last House on The Left"). "Interview With A Glampire" is just not as immediate or in fact as downright fucked up as its "schlock rock" predecessor. So, from a song writing and diversification perspective that may not be a bad thing, but for people looking for all out "Cramps" inspired Zombie slugging "Gothabilly" anthems, then initial listens to this CD can be as disappointing as say first views of the 3rd or 4th sequel in your fave slasher movie series.

Having said that, "Diabolical Devil Dolls" the lead track from "Interview" kicks things off right where "Surf Zombie" left off. All PVC clad glam swagger and some very "Setzer" sounding Gretsch leaving you in no doubt where Robbie has been finding his influences since the last CD. Or does it?

As the tracks that follow this tip their executioners hoods in the direction of "Bauhaus" via "Boris Karloff" and the title track, before we take in some almost country (or should that be cuntry) styling via "Corn Huskin Man" and "Will You Respect Me In The Morning".

One thing is for sure on "Interview" Robbie has not been afraid to experiment and for every old school "Barbarellatones" sounding track like (the simply wonderful) "Milfin" or "The Trip" you will get voyages into the musical unknown like "Magdalania - The Angel". Where the latter takes an Eastern beat and psycho twists it into a "Tones" type vibe.

This new found musical maturity also brings "Interview" to a fitting conclusion via the "T-Rex" jamming with Nosferatu sounds of "Unholy Love".

So, on the whole "Interview With a Glampire" is an extremely rewarding album for those able to offer multiple listens and it shows a musical depth possibly until now unheard in "Robbie Quine". Those looking for an out and out "Splatter Platter" should check out 2006's earlier "Barbarellatones" CD "Invasion Of the Surf Zombies".

I'll give "Interview With A Glampire" 3.5 out of 5. Now repeat after me "to avoid fainting, remember this is only a Barbarellatones CD", "to avoid fainting etc etc".

by Johnny H.

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