The Barbarellatones - Invasion of the Surf Zombies!

In a moonlit dungeon sometime in the late 70's Baron Von Ziggy Stardust and Count Lux Interior manifested a bastard lovechild on the world of Rock n' Roll music, a monstrous abomination by the name of um… Robbie Quine.

Robbie, ex of Sex with Lurch and Prancing Ponies (I assure you I'm not making this up) has now released this his 4th full album under the wonderful moniker 'The Barbarellatones'. But reviewing this 19-track album was the first pleasure I'd had of actually hearing this band.

This is full on Glam/Goth Pop that takes in the stylings and influences of Bowie, The Cramps, The Fuzztones, 60's Psychedelia, and plugs it all into a garage rock blender and spews out music Robbie likes to call "Gothabilly".

If you like your horror schlock and your music trashy then look no further than this album, with wonderful titles such as "I Had Sex With a C.H.U.D" and "Kentucky Fried Drag Queen" you get a full on B Movie Soundtrack with the B Movie.

Personal fave tracks are the Thin White Duke-esque "Space Kitty", and Early B52's/Cramps influenced "Tranni Troglodyte" and "Sex Android", all of which are very smart re-workings of well-worn music themes but with very catchy and memorable tunes.

If you like your Pussycat Faster and your Corpses Ground then you must check out this CD. This is definitely a contender for Indie album of the year for me (along with Crash Street Kids - Lets' Rock N Roll Tonite). A total surprise and great stuff for a night out at the graveyard catching some moon rays whilst chain-sawing some Astro Zombies and feasting on some virgin blood.

Fuck this is worth a 5 out of 5 just for the song titles, but I'll give it a 4 out of 5 only because a few tunes need a few more listens and then it will be a 5. Get out there and buy this and make Robbie Quine the crypt-hold name he deserves to be.

by Johnny H.

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