The Barbarellatones - Beyond the Valley of the Barbarellatones

A CD entitled "Beyond the Valley of the Barbarellatones" put me under the impression I was about to listen to some Murderdolls style thrash-glam. "Oh yes, lets have some" I thought as I loaded the CD. How wrong I was!

Grab a bandanna, slide into a pair of flares and prepare to be taken back to 1972 when Spiders from Mars were all the rage.

The Barbarellatones are a glam outfit based in Lahaina, Hawaii and while listening to their 11-track CD, I was swept back into a world of Bowie, Dylan and The Doors with perhaps just a hint of the Monkees. Indeed, Robbie Quine could actually be the re-incarnation of Ziggy Stardust!

With slow, melodic tracks like "Hellbound", "Gothabilly Gulch" and "Baby Wants a Corn Dog" that show heavy Bowie influences contrasting well against the more upbeat tracks like "The Fire of Love" and "Candy Store".

The beautiful acoustic guitar reminiscent of John Williams on the track "Tarot Cards" makes this one of my favourite tracks on the CD.

"I Killed Love" almost brings us back to this decade with a more modern feel to the music in a wonderful chill-out kind of way. The bonus track "Cobra Dance" takes us right back to the 60s/70s and would not sound out of place performed by the Doors with it's psychedelic lyrics backed by sitar.

With a range of styles and instruments on an extremely well-mastered CD the Barbarellatones will continue to go from strength to strength.

Not what I would listen to out of choice but a very competent 7/10.

by SJ Skyline

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