Bang Gang - Vanity Kills

Back when Bang Gang first hit the glam scene, I found them to be one of the more unique bands. Since their debut 'Love Sells', I remember eagerly anticipating a second album, but like so many of their contemporaries, they seemingly disappeared with the change in music that overtook the airwaves, and now that Fastlane Records has posthumously released this collection of demos, it's hard to say how I would have felt about this disc back then.

For one, I'm not certain that all ten of these songs would have made the cut, there are a few that could use a little work, although, there are certainly some gems in this bunch as well. 'Runnin' With the Miles' and 'Long Way From Home' would have fit nicely with anything off the debut album, and many of the other tracks still feature that unmistakeable Bang Gang sound, with Jet Silver's exceptional vocals, the rhythm section's spacey dance groove, and the impressive guitar work. However, the thing that puts this album firmly into the buy category is the song 'Exotic Lover'. This song is catchy as hell, and its chorus has been stuck in my head since. By the third time through this chorus; when the band takes it up another octave, I had to stop shaking my head back and forth and realize it wasn't 1992 anymore. In my opinion, it's better than anything off 'Love Sells' (which I loved), and really makes me wonder what might have been. Any Bang Gang fan should definitely check this out.

by Dan Earley

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