Baltimoore - Quick Fix

Baltimoore is a Swedish act that already has ten albums to its name. Former members include Nikolo Kotzev, the mastermind behind the Brazen Abbot project. Baltimoore nowadays, however, is all about vocalist Björn Lodin. He has been there from the start, laying his smooth vocals on the band's chilled and classic rock style. Completing the line-up is Emanuel Hedberg on guitar, Björn Lundkvist on bass and Robban Bäck on drums. Main man Björn Lodin handled all production and mixing duties.

If you like your melodic rock a bit more bluesy ala early Coverdale, your vocals predictably raw, throat meets rough grain sandpaper, and really dig old school Hammond organ, then "Quick Fix" might be right up your alley.

The musical arrangements show the maturity you would expect from a band of this standing and obvious calibre. I can hear hints of jazz in the arrangements, yet also prog and mainstream rock riffs and sequences glide through to the ears.
But, and there unfortunatley is always a but, whilst the songs are well crafted, the production very polished and the musicianship of a high calibre, there's nothing here that you haven't heard a million times before.

Listening to some of the songs is like sitting in an exclusive gentlemen's club in the heart of London, smoking a Cohiba cigar and sipping Napoleon Cognac from Lismore Crystal, which is all well and good, but not what I want from a rock n' roll album, and to be honest I can't remember a single riff or lyric from the album, and that's after playing it through a couple of times.

"Quick Fix" is great if you're looking for background music, or an album just to chill to, but it just doesn't cut it as a rock album for me, sorry.

Rating 6/10

by Barry Gennard

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