Ballbreaker - Daddy Long Legs

Track listing:
01 - Atom Bomb
02 - Guilty Pleasure
03 - Daddy Long Legs
04 - B Hole Boogie
05 - Shanghai Shakedown
06 - Red Line
07 - Light Em Up
08 - Old School
09 - It's The Whiskey Talkin'

BALLBREAKER deliver some good time rock n roll of the sleaze blues variety with DADDY LONG LEGS.

Opening track Atom Bomb starts off in overdrive and the riffs fall hard and fast after that. Guilty Pleasure has an AC/DC vibe to it.

B Hole Boogie takes a passing nod at Aerosmith with an infectious riff and groove (along with being a little rude), all that was missing was a horn section.

Closing track It's The Whiskey Talkin' rounds things off nicely with a sleazy blues boogie.

This is the sort of album you want to be hearing in a smoke filled bar (assuming you can still find one) and should definitely be heard sipping with Mr Daniels!.

Whilst this album won't be winning any originality awards any time it soon it does show that there is still a place for good honest rock n roll.

Standout tracks:
Guity Pleasure
B Hole Boogie
Old School
It's The Whiskey Talkin'

Review by K.T.Glitz

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