Bai Bang - Best of

Kickin' ass all over the world since '99, Swedish Hard Rockers 'Bai Bang' released their new album 'Best Of' in Aug '05, as well as writing stuff for their upcoming fifth, yes that's right I said fifth album! What do you mean you didn't know they had released one before, let alone four! Get out from under the rock you have been living under and get this one! Listen to it, kick yourself for not getting it sooner, then go out and get the other five!

As I don't have enough review space to credit all of the tracks, which deserve to have a mention, this is going to be more than a little difficult. It is described as a 'best of' and as such it shines. By definition these are all outstanding tracks, each and every one, special in its own way.

If you rock with sleaze, attitude and 'cock' galore, this (along with the other four) is the album for you. I can't choose any standout tracks, so I'm not going to do any of them a disservice by doing so. Fantastic vocals and addictive lyrics, beautifully blended with phenomenally talented musical arrangement.

There is nothing left to say except BUY IT!

by Talia Kane

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