Bad Way - Dead Letters

Track listing:
01 - My Way
02 - Forever
03 - Dogs Of The Dawn
04 - Dead Letters
05 - Don't Tell Me
06 - The Secret
07 - My Mistakes
08 - My New Tattoo
09 - No Way Out
10 - Just Tell Me
11 - The Same

Spanish rockers BAD WAY return with their second album DEAD LETTERS.

Catchy pop-punk choruses and blistering guitar riffs with a sleazy swagger? This is what we like and Bad Way deliver them well. There are a lot of similarities to The Wildhearts which I can only see as a great selling point!

There is no attempt to be overcomplicated on this album and it works so well with each song being a short sharp hit.
Title track Dead Letters could quite happily sit on an Aerosmith album and is a great power ballad.

With The Secret, they seem to have mastered the pop-punk vibe that bands like The Wildhearts and Peppermint Creeps do so well so the sound is very accessible which can only help them cross over into the mainstream arena.

This is a great CD and if you like your punk/sleazy rock then check them out. They should be touring the UK in the near future.

Standout tracks:
Dogs Of The Dawn
Dead Letters
This Secret
My New Tattoo

by K.T.Glitz

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