The Bad Samaritans - 6 Track Demo

When the world around us is seemingly falling to pieces, and the shadow of the Big C (that's C as in Conservative) seems inevitable, who will be brave enough to stand up and save the world?

Rising, godlike, from a decade plus living under the third way, comes the band you really do not want to bump into in a dark underpass, Newport's "The Bad Samaritans".
Featuring former members of such underground scene bands as "Cowboy Killers", "The Abs" and "Dub War", this six track demo CD is the sound of a band with its finger well and truly on the pulse, delivering biting satirical comment on the likes of "Dicks with Dogs" and "Cars", and damning indictments of the state of our society in "Stab Vest" (my personal fave track here) and "Cocaine Me".

If I tell you that over the years the collective members of "The Bad Samaritans" (that's Beddis on Vocals, Rev on Drums, Jim on Bass and Glover on Guitar) have shared stages with the likes of "The Dead Kennedys", "The Dickies", "Bad Brains", "The Misfits" and "The Dwarves", you can just about get an idea of where this band of fuck ups pitch themselves musically…Right!!!

The fourteen minutes of new music "The Bad Samaritans" conjure up here, fly by in a frenzy of "Evil Knievel" styled punk rock, this really is a spectacular musical stunt show waiting to explode in a venue near you soon.

Check the guys out at URL and marvel at their early contender for album sleeve of the year.

Cheap Sweaty Fun indeed.

4 out of 5

by Johnny H

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