Bad, Love & Licker - 4 Track EP

From the slightly dodgy name and CD cover you'd think this was a glam band of some sort. Just look at the track names "Spread the Bad Love"," Sleazers Palace" (excellent title!), "Camera! Action! Lipstick! Lights!" and "Definitely Good, Definitely Sexy". Very Glam-tastic no? In fact, go check out their MySpace page and look at the photos - definite shades of sleaze rock in the band pic there.

Imagine my shock then when what we actually get is yet another heavy band with a vocalist that can't seem to do anything except shout indecipherable lyrics. Saying that, having put my initial "what is this shit?" reaction down to a being grossly disappointed that this wasn't a glam band, my opinion mellowed on subsequent listens. If I put the vocals to one side, the underlying music is not all bad. Loud guitars, driving drum beats and the odd guitar break all generally played at a breakneck pace. It's very well produced with a slightly swampy edge to stop it all sounding over produced and it's quite clear that most of the dials were edging the red whilst this was being recorded. "Camera! Action!..." etc is the stand out track, largely thanks to its significantly slower end that turns it into the kind of shout along that always goes down well.

If you want something loud and fast to clear the cobwebs out or you like this kind of breakneck paced metal (think Anselmo-era Pantera crossed with Raging Speedhorn) you could do a lot worse than this but it's not really my cup of tea.

by Phil T.

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