BadiTudes - 6 Track Demo

Along with a catchy name, the BadiTudes offer fast paced anthems sure to please punk purists everywhere. Well, maybe. There's no doubt these boys can play. From guitars to drums these guys are on point. Jörgen Bröms vocals are also quite good in their own right. The lyrics are clever and the songs are well written.

All in all however, the material lacked a certain intensity that would make me say I want to add this to my record collection. It didn't make me want to jump around the room or bang my head. It didn't make me want to punch anybody in the face or kick over my television, either. It was more of a 'yeah, that was pretty cool, I guess', response more than anything else. It was a solid effort, and the BadiTudes should be proud of what they accomplished here. It's just not enough for me to want to lay down my hard earned cash to pick up their album.

The final verdict? The BadiTudes are good ... but they're not great. Don't just take my word for it, though. Check them out for yourself.

by Joel L. Faulder a.k.a. JOL Online

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