Backyard Babies - Safety Pin & Leopard Skin

To all the fans in the crammed backyard, "Safety Pin & Leopard Skin" is NOT Backyard Babies' new studioalbum. It is a compilation of livetracks and b-sides. Backyard Babies' discography has become quite a mess since they have different tracks on more than 15 releases during a two-full-length-album career. A phenomenon which is pretty common these days when it is a lot easier and cheaper to record, release and promote music than in the past. "Safety Pin & Leopard Skin" (what a great title! By far Backyard Babies' best.) is a kind of sum-up of their short but explosive career.

Dregen and the boys are at their best on stage and their albums have never captured the chaos and energy of their shows. Most bands claim that they are basically livebands but very few walk like they talk. In comparison with other bands, Backyard Babies don't walk... they run! "Safety Pin & Leopard Skin" contains six livetracks recorded at Ulu London on 24th of April 1998. "Made Me a Madman", "Look at You" and "Fill Up This Bad Machine" are the most dynamic and usually get the crowd going during concerts.

"Safety Pin & Leopard Skin" also contains three studiotracks - "Babylon", "Gotta Go!"and "Backstabber" (the latter song seems to be thrown in everywhere). The Faster P-P-Pussy-Pussy-Pussycat cover "Babylon" appeared on the "(Is it) Still Alright to Smile?" vinylsingle. A Great song but Backyard Babies' version is rather pointless as it lies way too close to the original. "Gotta Go!" was previously released on a compilation on Frank Records. It is actually one of my BB favourites, pure glamorous poppunk, and easily the best song on this album.

"Safety Pin & Leopard Skin" is for the true fans. It contains nothing really new of interest for the average glampunk, still it is another fine release by one of the fastest growing rockbands of today.

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