Backyard Babies - Making Enemies Is Good

Backyard Babies discography is such a mess but 'Making enemies is good' is the babies' third full-length release to date. I thought that this to be an album that would make the band sink or swim. It would either lead the babies to the shore of worldwide success or make them sink to the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle of one hit wonders. It now seems that I overestimated the importance of 'Making enemies is good', though I'd be surprised if this album takes the Backyard Babies any further.

'Making enemies is good' contains the hit 'Brand new hate', 'Heaven 2.9' and some other goodies, but the lack of strong songs is evident. The sound and the image is once again very up to date, which makes BB a natural fit in today's rock scene; but this is not a major album and it does not fulfil the promise of 'Total 13'. Backyard Babies will keep their head above water yes, but 'Making enemies is good' is simply not good enough to establish them as one of the bigger rock bands. But who knows? Today when money and marketing is a lot more important than music, anything can happen. Everything seems to go the babies' way these days, but maybe they should have put some more effort in making good songs instead of enemies.

by Andreas Persson

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