Backwash - Kickass

After realising Backwash apparently means 'kickass rock n roll' and not at all spitting in someone's drink, I went on to learn that Kickass is the second studio album from five piece Swiss rock band Backwash.

'Kickass' starts off with 'Legless', which is surprisingly very good even though the chorus is only one sentence, repeated several times with a predictable riff put in for good measure. The song on a whole is amazingly satisfying, not many bands can pull it off but Backwash seem to very well.

The whole album has a Guns n Roses/AC/DC/Motorhead feel to it so I wasn't surprised to read that these are the bands influences, but to be influenced by an artist and to sound like an artist are two different things that I feel Backwash have got confused. Don't get me wrong the album is brilliant, there is not one song on it I would turn off, it's all very radio happy but there's just a missing touch on the songs, an injection of their own personality and style as it feels like a textbook.

'Feeling Like a Bitch' is definitely the best song on the album, it has a whole Guns n Roses 'November Rain' feel to it, if not a little too similar on the intro, but then saying that it also starts to blend into AC/DC's 'Love Song', only without the annoying bells. The vocal performance is excellent and the balance between the vocals and the guitars without either being drowned at any point has been done flawlessly. If there were to be a single release from this album this should be it. There's a little bit of every genre in this track, raring to please many without it sounding too overpowered.

Overall Backwash are a very talented band and the album is definitely worth buying even if just for 'Feeling Like A Bitch' as that is by far the best song on the album, vocal and performance in a whole just makes this track stand out!

by Stacey Hull

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