Back To Rockaway Beach 1

This is the first travel back to Rockaway Beach, organized by Amp Records. I recently reviewed the impressive "Back to Rockaway Beach 2". Volume number one features 27 different punkbands from ten different countries, perform x-llent ramonish poppunk. The Hymans (soon reviewed in Glitzine), Roswells (soon reviewed in Glitzine), the Let's Go's, Sexy Dex, Receivers, Recycled, Vanilla Muffins, Kowalskis, the Vapids, Mustangs, Switch and Yeti Girls all rocks like there's no tomorrow.

On the contrary to most compilations, Amp Records manages to find a bunch of interesting bands. I can't find a single filler, just singles! That is an accomplishment.

I want to go back again! And Again! I'm looking forward to a third perfect day at the beach. That was more than I got in Sweden last summer. Punkrock is always more reliable than weather. So turn up the volume, put on your shades, take a bath and R-R-Rock Rock Rockaway.

Available from Amp Records