Babyruth - Mr. Right Hand Man

"Mr Right Hand Man" is the latest offering from the "Hard Punk&Roll" outfit Babyruth. The intro track is predominantly an instrumental track, with it's bubbling pop-like beat. "Song For The Damned" is a heavier track that dispels the illusion that Babyruth were anything other than a rock band.

"Honey" is another well-polished song with an extremely professional mix. Influences from bands like Hanoi Rocks and LA Guns are evident throughout the song with clean guitars and precise drumming. This track is immediately followed by "The Others," which is one of those tracks that jumps from hard and loud to soft and quiet.

"Fat Ass Rockstar" well, it made me laugh! Followed by a track called "Time To Fuck" left me capable of nothing for 15 minutes. Going back and listening to the two tracks again, there is a clever use of crisp guitar, and backing vocals that are in tune, indeed the backing vocals are always spot on in all the tracks.

"Rock Me On" is another hard, fast "Punk&Roll" track, which takes the hard rock beat and combines it with the lighter feel we had in the intro. "I Was Drunk" is something I know all too well, as a ballad this song mopes along for 1:30 and then jumps into punk craziness somewhat reminiscent of "Woman" by "The Anti-Nowhere League".

"Lovely God" is a great upbeat song with a medium-fast pace allowing the vocals to shine through. "Rosieline" is a slight detour from the general feel of Babyruth, sounding much like AC/DC.
An excellent album from an established band, I look forward to listening to more of their work.


by Richard Belsey

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