Babylon Bombs - Doin' You Nasty

With 'Doin' You Nasty', Stockholm's Babylon Bombs have enhanced their growing reputation and delivered a very polished banquet of fast paced, hook driven, glittery, shout along anthems that get the feet a tapping and the head bobbing.

The crashing accents and organ swells of 'Jaded Heart' set the tone for the rest of the album. With the band expertly building intensity, changing dynamics and punctuating passages with unison bends, an impressive repertoire of blues licks, before unleashing another painfully infectious chorus. Don't believe me? Check out the pre-chorus to 'Jaded Heart', that teases one into thinking the song could be taking a turn into heavier and darker territory.

The boys certainly have something, distinctly late eighties about their sound. Harkening all the greats, Crue, Skid Row, Hanoi Rocks, it's all been done before, so many times that you could be cold, cynical and unreceptive, but the fact is that when you're showing a nodding air to your peers and influences and it's done well, it sounds wonderful. 'Louder' marches along to a quaint little blues motif, that's beautifully supported by the floor tom. This seems to re-enforce the groove and carry the listener from one section to the next. The lead motif is used to good effect to announce the solo and we're back into sing-a-long territory before you can catch your breath.

Every album contains at least one song, which leaves you scratching your head and asking why? For me, this is 'Crack Of Dawn', but before you prepare yourself for the usual negativity and strange analogy, wait!!! It may surprise you to learn I love this song; not least because the main guitar line is reminiscent to 'Superunkown' era Soundgarden. It could almost be a Kim Thayil/Cornell collaboration, laying somewhere between, "Superunkown" and "Fresh Tendrils". Parity is restored when Dani's more polished Seb Bach-esque vocals cut in and all thoughts of Seattle's finest are gone.

By 'Let it Loose', I'm checking my pulse, enquiring as to whether my coffee has been spiked with mood enhancing opiates and then it hits me; there's nothing overly scientific about this album, as to why it appeals to me so much. It's a simple catchy hook and uptempo sing-a-long chorus, into time matrix that works so well.

Hear you go, it's simple, even a trained ape could understand it; take one catchy blues based guitar hook, garnish liberally with bass and simplistic 4/4 drum beats, add a nice chorus progression with some catchy lyrics and a melody that is as contagious as CHD, add 1 guitar solo, simmer, bring to the boil and serve up in under 3 minutes 30 seconds. Sounds easy, doesn't it? So why isn't everyone doing it? Well quite simply they are, just not as well. It's almost enough to make me forget about dodgy self-assembly furniture, negative, felanderous national football coaches and unbreakable cars.

I promise you that there is something for everyone on this album. If you strip it down, behind the make up, glitter and attitude, it's a blues record that stands up to anything out there at the moment. 'Slip Away' has an anthemic quality, that features a lead break that a certain Stoke-On-Trent born guitar God, from some long forgotten club band that got lucky, would have been proud of and it's all nicely rounded off with some Slide Guitar. Perfect!

'Drop The Bomb' seems to be created from a template used by Velvet Revolver and The Wildhearts. There is distinct air of "Slither" within, but it's easy to let it slip by, it's a bit like using a quote by Oscar Wilde uttered during a dinner party - We have them all the time at Glitzine Towers, don't you know? - in that it's down to timing. If you air it too early, you look desperate and will be scorned upon, but use it during the brandy course, whilst puffing on a King Edward, after several other rapier like comments and observations and you'll enhance your reputation for whit and sophistication, for in the gutter we are all, but some of us a starring towards the stars, non more so than Sweden's Babylon Bombs. The future's so bright for these guys that soon you'll need aviators in the very presence.

by Rev G.

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