Babylon Bombs - Cracked Wide Open and Bruised

An explosive opening kick starts this latest LP from 'Babylon Bombs' courtesy of first track 'Lets Roll'. Setting the tone for the rest of the album and proving themselves as the high octane, hard rocking 4 piece they have to said to be, 'Babylon Bombs' certainly do not disappoint.

Mighty hooks pound from the speakers assaulting your senses until you cave to the undeniably catchy beats. With driving rhythms and heavy beats 'Babylon Bombs' combine the perfect combination for a great rock and roll act.

Further more diversity is shown in track 4, 'Crucify'. Combining a beautifully powerful melody and lyric centre, layered with an outstanding set up of thrashing guitars and heavy beats, all adding up to a brilliant power ballad indeed. I did feel that by the end of the album the band started to repeat themselves slightly and the tracks became very similar to one another. However most of the album is a star class mash up of heavy rock and roll, scattered with numerous catchy riffs and superb dirty vocals from lead singer Dani. 'Cracked wide open and bruised' definitely singles 'Babylon Bombs' out as an act to watch out for.

by Lauren May

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