Babylon Bombs - Promo 2003

The Swedish have done it yet again; one absolute kick-ass rock n' roll attitude in the making, but sooner or later we've gotta start askin… Where do all these Swedish bands get their talent from and are we ever gonna receive a CD that's a pile of crap? Perhaps it's all the raw fish and salami they eat, who knows, all I do know is Babylon Bombs have the raw edge and high energy that the Babies started with and if given the opportunity, Mmmm…

So what can you expect… you can expect extreme voltage (ohhhhh yeah, those neighbours of yours are gonna love ya); you can expect that renowned Swedish styling and attitude (Babies, Hardcore eat yer heart out) n' of course, we can not forget those American influences you can hear within (Alleycat Scratch, Lynch Mob, Sweet F.A., Childs Play) and you can expect one hell of an exceptional recording, and to say this promo was recorded in two and a half days is pretty remarkable.

On a sad note, you can't actually buy this promo, but I'm sure if enough of you bombarded their inbox… you get the idea!

Check them out NOW!!!! You'd be stupid not to!

by Spice D. Warlock

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