Baby Bitch - Strawberries and Cream

Well here's a pleasant turn up. A three track from Preston four piece Baby Bitch and they've decided to prove that they're not a one trick pony and have displayed some variety. Hurrah!

Opener "Strawberries and Cream" is a bit of slow burner but has a crashing chorus that on first listen sounds rather unremarkable but lodges itself in your brain without you realising it. Great lead work after the chorus keeps it all interesting and the instrumental mid section allows the band to show their skills without losing any momentum in the overall song.

Closer "Kill Yourself Friday" is a cracking mid tempo rock-lite number. Driving guitar work underpins the general melody which is carried by the vocal and appropriately used backing vocals helps fill the sound out.

My personal favourite is the pop punk goodness that is "Nigella" - a sub 2 minute 30 second tribute to the goddess of food smut - Nigella Lawson. Its cheery tone accurately captures her onscreen persona whilst the odd dodgy innuendo in the lyrics is a non-too subtle nod to the effects of her on screen flirting with the camera. Even the chanting towards the end works!

Ok, so it's not the most slickly produced of EPs but I'm not going to hold that against them. It's not bad and frankly I'd rather have something played with enthusiasm with the odd rough edge than some slickly produced play by numbers. A quick glance at their myspace page shows that the band have a good sense of humour (it always helps) and there are three new tracks on there that show that the band have already matured in their song writing capabilities (and production capability) which leads me to believe that if this lot can keep it together they've definitely got potential. They may not be destined to be stadium fillers but at this rate of progression I wouldn't rule it out. In the meantime you certainly wouldn't regret seeing them playing your local pub, club or supporting a more well known band at a larger venue. DEFINITELY a band worth watching out for!

by Phil T.

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