Baby Bitch - Screaming For Attention

Hailing from Preston, Baby Bitch describe themselves as a glampunkmetal band and I have to say, yeah, there is some element of that on offer here. And wait for this - their singer also fell into a vat of glitter - no seriously, it says that on their biog so it has to be true, right?

Baby Bitch's sound has changed since the departure of their keyboard section so inevitably they have evolved into a heavier sounding outfit and I prefer the direction they have been heading in. The one song I had previously heard reminded me of Gary Numan's song Cars and I don't know that they would want to be tarred with that brush so the lack of keyboards may not be such a bad thing here.

With only three tracks to review here, I can't really get a feel for the bigger picture but opener I Want More leaves me eh, well, wanting more and I Wanna Be Corrupted fulfils not just beacuse of its comparisons to a dozen Ramones titles, it's the fact that this one has a real punk attitude from start to finish. Last up, Bad Candy reminds me of a cross between some Rage Against the Machine in terms of approach and Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun in terms of melody and chorus. It's a slightly darker song compared to the first two songs but nonetheless stands it own ground well both musically and melodically.

I'm not quite sure where the 'glam' aspect of 'glampunkmetal' comes from in terms of what Baby Bitch perceive themselves as but I can definitely appreciate the punk and metal influence. For those who like a harder and punkier style or just fancy a change in their listening repertoire occasionally, check out what Bitch have to offer as it's a refreshing change to some of the normality out there just now.

by Grant W.

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