Baby Strange - Hot On Our Trail

Imagine if Hanoi Rocks had a little less snarl (think Rene Berg) and you'll get an idea of France's Baby Strange debut CD 'Hot On Our Trail'. The nine track CD blends jangling guitars and catchy melodies to create a satisfying effort.

The vocals recall Starry Eyes and the guitar is almost out of the D.A.D. School; I say this as they are well suited for rock yet wouldn't be out of place in a country setting. I find their song structure interesting as, for the most part, the verses are more compelling than the minimalist choruses.

Lyrically speaking, the band doesn't go too deep and sometimes gets a little unintentionally silly ("where's the time of truck and sound" from the song "Crap Generation" immediately comes to mind), think Smelly Boggs for comparison. Being forced to write lyrics using an unfamiliar language could be to blame for this. If this is the case, this problem shouldn't dog the band too badly in the future.

All in all, "Hot On Our Trail" has the catchiness to carry it listen upon listen. All improvements necessary are those, which will only come with experience. The album's grit and determination however, should alone carry it into the CD racks of music fans everywhere.

by Lycan Davis

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