Arrows Lounge - Sonic Thrust

Arrows Lounge are a five-piece band based in London. They formed in the Autumn of 2003 and spent the best part of a year writing and rehearsing before taking the plunge and heading out onto the London club scene. Once they had a few gigs and rough demos under their belt they hit the studio to record this EP.

'Face The Sky' builds slowly before the main riff kicks into full effect. Frontman David Rain's vocals remind me of the lower end of Axl Rose's voice and there are a few noticeable influences from latter period GnR on the first half of the EP, which is no bad thing at all, followed up by 'Eye Of The Storm', another straight ahead rocker. Both songs are pretty good tunes and sound great, there's just something missing that would take them to the next level. Halfway through 'Eye Of The Storm' the song slows down before exploding into a great solo from Kris Rain. There's no doubting the talent in this guy, his guitar work right the way through the EP is stunning. 'Down.Here.Paradise' is, for me, the strongest track. The rhythm sections compliment each other well, although the band had no bass player during the recording it certainly doesn't show. Whoever played the bass did so admirably throughout. The chorus sticks in your head long after the track ends. There's a slight change of direction for the last two tracks with 'As Long As You Can Breathe' taking a more funk style While the chorus is really catchy the rest of the song doesn't do much for me. It does however show that these guys aren't afraid to try something different and do it well. Closing the EP is 'Worstward Ho', a much slower song bringing it all to a more relaxed end.

While they're not quite the finished article yet, this band have some very good ideas and show great promise especially with the guitars. I honestly think there's an excellent album in these guys, which will come with more experience. They already have another 15-20 songs completed and another 30 being worked on so we may not have too long before they make that album. A definite one to watch out for!

by Adrenaline Junkie

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