The Ark - We Are The Ark

The ARK may the next musical export from Sweden. The Band got some recognition when they, as an unsigned band with no album out, supported Sweden's biggest popband KENT on their tour last year. Finally their debutalbum is out and THE ARK is ready to leave Ararat and take on the world. You've probably seen their first video "It takes a fool to remain sane" on MTV. If it didn't impress you, don't worry, their brand new single "Echo Chamber" is much better.

Vocalist Ola Salo (read it backwards) is the centre of attention in the ARK. He writes all the songs and have some rockstar qualities. He is obviously very inspired by the 70's glitter/pomp era. Most arksongs sound like something Bowie or Queen could've released twenty years ago. The sound is fresh however and the concept is pretty fascinating.

THE ARC impress me but they need some stronger songs if they want me to pay them another visit.

by Andreas Persson

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